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The motto for Urban Dictionary is “Define Your World”, but thats probably offensive to Etymologists. Language is a living and breathing thing, its only natural that words change meaning over time, evolve or eventullay die out in usage. I find myself fascinated by words, not at the level of an etymologist or a sapiosexual, but at the polyglot level. I claim to have a deeper understanding of some words which i have interpreted using some twisted logic and this is a list of those words.

  1. Neocolonialism isn’t just the subjugation of a country by a wealthier country. Watching Anime and wanting to learn Japanese, listening to Kpop and wanting to learn Korean, watching American movies and thinking about coming to USA because of that, that’s neocolonialism. Its reach stretches far beyond the physical/ monetary conquest. Neocolonialism doesnt just happen geographically, it can also happen to ones mind. People wanting to emulate what they see in music videos is a form of neocolonialism. Brainwashing has the same addresss as neocolonialism.

  2. Dermabrasive is a skin care product that is sold to create problems for the skin. Doing so enables the company to make you dependent and later turns you into a paying customer. Mess up your skin and then sell you the solution, simple logic.

  3. Visual Novel is interactive powerpoint made up of still images, gifs, sounds and slides with dialogues. The creators want you to believe its a game, but even they wouldnt play it.

  4. Cashier is a person who scans barcodes for a living using a keylogger.

  5. Deep Web is a part of the internet that you dont just casually explore, you have to be invited.

  6. Anime, the greatest form of 2D animation on planet Earth made in Japan by overworked and underpaid animators watched by multiple pirates around the world

  7. Game Developer, a computer scientist who spends so much time creating entertaining digital content that solves no real world problems.

  8. Digital Homelessness describes a person who does not have a website, they heavily rely on centralized platforms. The extended definition to this is someone who does not have a Non Fungible Token (NFT). Not only is having or creating a Non Fungible Token a sign of true ownership…

  9. Arch Linux is one of the most revered linux distributions out there. The extended definition is the final destination of linux users. The road to distrohopping leads to this final destination.

  10. Billionaire a self sufficient savage who has climbed the food chain by exploiting other people


Q&A + Prince Kaizen Namwali

  1. What is the point of this post?
  2. To deeply analyze the surface value of definitions whose impact goes beyond the actual meaning.


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.

Etymology is subjective?

By Prince Namwali, 2021-04-20