Mater Artium Necessitas 🚀

Mater artium necessitas is a quote by Plato that was translated by a theologian by the name Benjamin Jowett, which means necessity is the mother of invention Throughout my encounter with this english proverb I have found that almost all instances of it have one thing in common. I would humbly extend the quote by saying necessity is the mother of invention, but it all starts with a question . Necessity is the behind the reason that has led to all the human inventions recorded throughout history and the ongoing innovation that take place today. Necessity is driven by a multitude of questions whose desire is not simply to find answers, but put in practice to give birth to practical solutions. The following are just a handful of questions that can drive necessity: Is this the only way? How can we change this? Why? How come? Is there a better way? How can this be improved? What if?

Necessity is behind why we search for information on the internet. You could be looking for the definition of a word, a code solution on Stack Overflow, more information about a person or just about anything you are curious about. Necessity can be driven by curiosity, frustration, longing for something better, a new and improved solution or a remix of something exisiting. As a lifelong learner, I am exposed to wide array of inventions that have captured my attention. Listed below are those inventions that have not only captured the vision of my optic nerves, but also the electrical activity of my brain, blood circulation of my heart and aura circulation of my soul.

Interesting Examples

  1. Praxis > You can be your own credential
  2. College is dead, but most people just dont know it yet (Isaac Morehouse). Praxis is not just another third party credential or just another college alternative, its a program unlike any other that empowers people to become their own credential. Praxis instills the beauty of a permissionless mindset and the essence of value creation which is the key to unlocking opportunities. What needs led to the birth of Praxis? What questions drove them to find answers? The answer to those questions lies in their analysis of the current system of education, more specifically college. In their words: College is a business that sells the idea that you need them in order to be successful. If you give up 4 years of your life and pay them loads of money - you’ll be guaranteed a good job, make lots of money, social acceptance and personal happiness. The problem however is that they are not very good at delivering that promise. The team at Praxis saw that the current system is broken or has been broken for a long time. The longing for something better, longing for something that can guarantee results, the longing for an individual to boldly pursue what makes them come alive, without the fear of owing lenders large sums of money, the fear of ending up in dead end career and the fear of the disapproval of friends and family was what drove them to create Praxis. Necessity is the mother of invention, but it all starts with a question. I like to think that the questions asked went something like this: What do college opt outs and college drop outs have in common? Is college the only way? What killed college? Why do parents insist that their children go to college, when even they havent benefited? What exactly is a college degree? How can people create a better signal? What do companies really care about? Thats just a speculative list of questions, but surely enough they had to find solutions to those questions. I believe the mission and the company Praxis should be known worldwide.

  3. Crash > Burn your resume and pitch your way into a job

  4. The Crash platform was born at Praxis, the first example that i just covered right above ⬆️. Necessity is the mother of invention, but it all starts with a question. What sort of questions led to the birth of Crash? The team at Crash saw yet another problem, not just in the education system, but also the career seeking side. Resumes or curriculum vitaes are these static pieces of paper that contain a small snippet about you. A resume is supposed to list your work experience, references, skills and other relevant information about you under strictly confined formatting. The process of joh hunting/job campaign involves filling out HTML forms strictly formatted with boolean option responses, input fields, multiple choice questions, proving your humanity through Captcha, selling your personal information and submitting a piece of paper that signifies you. No matter how long or how many times it takes to complete a single form, these bland pieces of paper are later filtered out by these non humanoid beings called applicant tracking systems (ATS) that search for keywords that pertain to skills, gender, race, name structure, higher learning credentials, immigrant status and who knows what… Maybe then the ATS sends that application to be reviewed by some sort of real human personell in charge of hiring or by self righteus autonomous authority and intelligence does it get to decide who moves on to the next step of the hiring process, the interview. Those filtered out by the system are later sent an automated response that contains the same structure replicated across various companies contaiining the key words: unfortunately, another candidate…

  5. Go > None of the programing languages that were made met our needs at Google, so we made a new one

  6. Google, one of the top tech companies in the world ran into a problem. How is that possible? Blasphemy? You mean to tell me a huge tech company

  7. Second Brain > Information overload is a problem, but there is system that exists to overhaul that and enable you to maximize your knowledge to work for you, not against you.

  8. Tiago Forte, the man behind the personal knowledge management system known as the Second Brain longed for a better way to manage information. Necessity is the mother of invetion, but it al starts with a question. Tiago Forte is a knowledge worker who realized that the biggest problem with working with knowledge is management. He found that its near impossible to human beings to keep everything inside their heads. There is simply too much information to remember, think about and too much to do. He criticizes the human brain as this organ that has never evolved

  9. IPFS > The internet is fundamentally broken, but there is a better, faster and safer solution powered by people, not corporations

  10. The interplanetary file system or IPFS for short is a project that aims to be the web of tomorrow. The longing for something better than the current web was what fueled the fruition of this project. The team behind IPFS realized that the internet is fundamentally broken, so they asked, how can we make it better? In order to make it better or fix it in this case, they had to look at the flaws of the internet. They had to look at what the original purpose of the internet was and what it had become. The internet as we know it today is inefficient, expensive, centralized and it simply cant preserve the history of humanity. The birth of IPFS was to make the web more efficient, inexpensive, decentralized

  11. Gitcoin

    > Taking open source to the next level

  12. Udemy

    > Learn from and connect with professionals

  13. Dapp

    > Empower users to discoverm use and analyze decentralized apps in the easiest way possible.

  14. Privacy Tools

    > Providing services, tools and knowledge required to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance

  15. Enjin

    > Create Non Fungible Tokens and Blockchain projects without coding

  16. Webflow > Create websites with no code

  17. Webflow is one the best website builders unlike Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace because it enables people to create beautiful websites without writing code and the best part is that if you need the code you can actually export the full HTMl, CSS and Javascript…

  18. Soundtrap > Anyone can make music

  19. Soundtrap is an online digital audio workstation (DAW) that aenables anyone and everyone to easily create music from any platform. Soundtrap even featuers the ability to collaborate in real time, sort of like a google docs document, but for music.

  20. IDL > Conneting people who speak different languages and ensuring that everyone is understood

  21. Unlike translation apps which are limited to providing you translation with only 2 languages, IDL does it differently.

  22. SVGator > Encourage the extensive use of SVG animations on the web

  23. This tool eliminiates the need to code the animations by hand

That marks the end of my finely handpicked list. This time around, i would like to take a look at some neccesities of my own. This list is purely theoretical, but anyone who finds them interesting should and by all means pursue them. This list not only has great monetary gains for those who decide to put them into practice, but also has immense benefits for the value creator.

Unmet Dependencies/

  1. Is it possible to make a music video using a game engine?
  2. Yes! One of the best examples is the music video Rainfall by Stormzy and this video goes behind the scenes. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and it got me thinking just how awesome the idea of using a game engine to make music videos would be. In the music video Stormzy barely moves and most of the visual effects happen in the background with a glitch transition that changes the scenery. Music video dont require high p Game engines are primarily used for creating games, but when I look around I see a multitude of possibilites from the plugins developers create to extend the functionality of a game engine. I believe the process would go something like this: creating artwork using a 3D tool like Blender, mapping the motion capture using something like Chordata and then putting it altogether using a custom made plugin built on a game engine like Godot (GDScript)

  3. How can i automate the process of clearing metadata from my Android phone without having to do it manually?

  4. Clearing metadata from photos is possible with the various applications that are available on the Play Store and F-Droid, but it doesnt happen automatically. The process requires you to open the application, grant it access to the location that contains the images and then choosing another destination for the files to be saved. This process can take anywhere from a few second to a minute depending on the amount of photos that the user wants to erase metadata from. The good news or truth is that this process can be automated. In order to make this a possibility we would need to create a separate application or custom script. The app or script would need to have access to the DCIM folder, which is where photos captured by the phone camera are stored. If it was an application all you need is for the app to run in the background and the only permission required would be the storage. However, to save even more time, a script would be a more fitting solution and could even be intergrated into a custom Android ROM. However, the challenge with scripting on android is that its more beneficial for power users or users with a rooted system (Magisk or Super SU). As far as scripting goes the most famous solution is the application tasker. The script would need to have access to the DCIM folder clear the metadata. With termux its possible, but script automation through using Tasker and termux is a challenge. It would be better if the script automatically ran when new images populate in the DCIM folder, as opposed to manuallly running the script in order to automate the process. The road to clearing metadata from files, not just images is a challenge.

  5. What would T-UI launcher look like, if it was complete?

  6. T-UI Launcher is the best minimal launcher on Android because it features a fully functional and simple command line interface

  7. Is it possible to make Tachiyomi an eBook reader, while still keeping its main functionality of reading comics?

  8. Tachiyomi is the best application for reading Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, Webcomics and Comics, but i feel that it is still incomplete. I

  9. What problems does television solve?

  10. I can’t posibly think of any reason or problem television solves. When i ask this question, i am not questioning the hardware, but traditional television. Television as a hardware serves a great purpose for external devices like a Shield TV (Android TV), gaming consoles…

  11. What problems does Game Development solve?

  12. Being a game developer is one of those revered careers, but when i began to ponder i couldn’t find any reason why a person would become a game developer. Anyone can make a video game with out without code, heck the easist type of game to make is a visual novel and its basically the same as a powerpoint. Alright you spent a year or more to create your first ever indie game, but have you solved? If people keep using the same approach to making video games, i dont think… Observe the masses and do the opposite, but everyone wants to do the same thing as the massess. I believe the beauty of gamification is being wasted on creating addictive mobile games/ video games that contain no value. I believe using gamification as a means for things like Neuroscience, learning and real world problems is a step in the right path, but how many people are doing it?

  13. Is it possible to keep up with TV content without watching TV?

  14. TV is a waste of time, but it almost seems like in order to remain a high functioning sociable member of society you must pledge your alliance to some show or medium that presents itself on TV. One of the programs people love to exchange their precious time for is TV shows, whether is its animated or portays real human beings. When i first had this question, i was aware of a service by the name VidaAngel, a service that enables consumers the ability to filter out scenes which you wish not to see in movies or any TV show. My astonishment with using Vidangel allowed me to question, what if? What if you could skip watching TV altogether and still be in the so called zone of awareness? This would save you precious time and the detrimental effects of blue light devouring your optic nerves. The bigger challenge is answering the how? Isnt human intervention ncessary? What are the odds of summaries being biased?…

  15. Is it possible to write an eBook on Android?

  16. All you need to create an eBook on desktop is markdown and pandoc, but thats currently not possible on Android…

  17. How can i sync my markor notes with Obsidian?

  18. Markor is by far the best markdown editor on Android because it has no limitations and then comes Obsidian, one of the best markdown editors on desktop. These two applications are great for building a Second Brain, but syncing notes between the two is a hassle…

  19. Is cloud mining and hardware mining the only way to mine cryptoccurency?

  20. Is it possible to make Wolfram Tone Generator function offline?

  21. One of the best music generators aside from AIVA & Magenta is Wolfram Tone Generator

  22. Is it possible to procedurally generate Gregorian chants?

  23. Is it possible to communicate through EEG Headsets/devices?

  24. An Electroencephalogram is a test that detects the electrical activity of the Brain using various devices/headsets that contain electrodes which are then administered to the scalp. The most popular consumer based EEG device is the Muse Headbands by Interaxon and it has a good track usage record. EEG devices aren’t limited to just reading electrical activity of the Brain, throughout my searching i have unique use cases including creating music, real time visual mind reading… The one thing i havent found information on is using EEG devices as a means of communication between other human beings…

  25. What would it take to build a decentralized application that icentivizes people who watch television?

  26. Watching TV is waste of time, but i digress. What if we could change the narrative of TV and make it worthwhile? What if we could apply the same logic of Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) to TV?…

  27. What would a virtual fitting room look like?

  28. The good thing about shopping offline at a clothing store is that the consumer has the added advantage of a physical fitting room. In a fitting room the consumer can directly found out the appropriate clothing size and also the clothing appearance. With a physical fitting room you dont need to visualize the appearance of the clothing in your hand because you can make it a reality and decide whether or not your choice actually suites you. The disadvantage of shopping for clothes online is that there is a limit to ones visualization. Just because you think you would look cool wearing those clothes doenst gracefully translate in reality. Visualization is a problem and the need is a clear indicator, a mirror of sorts. This is were i propose a cool idea of a virtual fitting room. With the advancements in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Extended Reality (XR), i believe its possible. Imagine for a second, creating a 3D model of yourself, think of it as your Gravatar, but optimized for shopping. This 3D Gravatar would function as your mirror, instead of the relying on the imperfect mirror of visualization. If the clothes are too big or too small the changes you see would be a direct reflection of that….

  29. Is it possible to use GDScript as a scripting language outside of the Godot Game Engine?

  30. GDScript is a beautiful scripting language and the list of example apps that showcase its beauty, countless. However, i believe GDScript as it is would be a great addition to applications that utilize other languages like Lua. GDScript would be great for adding gamification features to regular programs like Gimp, Aseprite, Inkscape and so many more…

  31. Is there a mind mapping program that follows the Tony Buzan Style?

  32. Throughout my exploring on the internet i have been unable to find a mind mapping program that follows the Tony Buzan style. The closest i ever got was Ayoa , but even that is limited. Hand drawn mind maps are just better overall, even though they take more time than digital versions…


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