Composing Procedurally Generated Music

In this blog post i talk about how anyone can create music. You dont need any music theory, proprietary software or fancy hardware. The only requirement is your sense of hearing. The questions that will guide me through the thought process include?

  1. What is procedural generation? (general term)
  2. What is procedurally generated music?
  3. What tools can i use?
  4. Is procgen cheating?
  5. Why is procgen peak efficiency as opposed to laziness?
  6. What are some popular songs that were procedurally generated?
  7. How is procgen music different from experimental music?
  8. What is modular synthesis?
  9. Is modular synthesis the peak of procgen music?
  10. What things do you look for in procgen music tools?
  11. How do you make procgen music human?


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.


By Prince Namwali, 2021-11-11