Bye Bye Plutonomy, Welcome Freedom!

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Darkness is the absence of light and to some literal degree, the abundance of melanin. The topic that’s going to be tackled in this essay is one regarding, Afropolitans, citizens of Africa. The essay will draw upon a documentary that piqued my interest on YouTube entitled, The shocking reason why black people are moving to Asia. No matter where we are geographically, we are still deeply rooted as a bigger picture of the African Diaspora. Afropolitans are human beings who have red blood, a brain and all the systems contained in a human being, but history is devoid of that humanity. Afropolitans have been stripped of their identity, culture, values and to an extreme degree, labeled as monkeys. At the time of writing in 2021, its saddens me that there is a deep divide among Afropolitans. The white mans burden, the ongoing influence of neocolonialism, media portrayal of Africa, the lack of real history (revisionist history is dangerous) and our own ego is getting in the way of progress. Those blood thirsty imperialists have rewritten our history, made us exiles of our own homeland and have turned the mere act and process of living into a game of survival. The rich reservoir of resources that Africa has continues to be exploited, the residue of slavery/ slave mentality has transcended into the workplace and the acts of injustice overt or covert are still taking precedence. Big corporations utilize the vice of arbitrage not only in the continent of Asia, but also in Africa. Afropolitans who found themselves awakening in foreign lands had to fight because flight was no longer a viable response/option in order to live, not just survive. All of the sudden an invisible glass ceiling was erected that barred any chances of success, thus only a few have managed to break it and its still there. A glass ceiling that exists in other continents aside from Africa. From the harsh physical exertions of manual labor, high bank interest rates, segregation, medical experimentation, the list was endless. Afropolitans sacrificed everything to at least be treated as human, but that’s a far fetched goal. The mental health of Afropolitans is nonexistent, helpless is a word that exists in their vocabularly, even those who find Catharsis in Christianity question whether God even cares about Afropolitans. How can Afropolitans thrive in a system that is meant to keep them down? Even those that breakthrough still struggle and are unable to break the system. Why do Afropolitans continue fighting a meaningless battle? Those that become enlightened or woke realize that the very act of staying is in of itself a problem. Planet Earth has 195 countries, why someone would choose to live in a country were they dont feel, treated or even regarded as a human being, i cant comprehend. Reasoning with cynicism i am left to believe that the odds of being an exile, not of ones own country or continent, but planet is a posibility. I would rather not reason with cynicism, but rather consume small increments of the pharmaceutical drug known as optimism. Optimism is a pharmaceutical drug in short supply and i believe i just might have found a source that overflows with optimism. With this newfound optimism, I believe Afropolitans have a choice, should they choose to take it. Briefly analyzing history, I found that all accounts of injustice are tied to the colonial languages with English being the most prevalent. Countries whose native toungue is English aren’t suitable for Afropolitans. I would argue and even point out the most outrageous belief that “America is the best country in the world, if you’re not Afropolitan.” Afropolitans dont have to participate in the rigged game of survival because they can find true living and be so much more. For those who seek this real opportunity, i believe the East, especially the Continent of Asia is a breeding ground for not only Blasians, but also a plethora of possibilities.

Initial thoughts

Video Analysis

Summary Points

  1. True Freedom and Safety without Mortal Retribution

  2. High End Affordable Healthcare

  3. More opportunities than the USA- you can truly be whatever you want

  4. High End Tech - All the fancy stuff without having to wait for it come to the USA years later (cusp of innovation)

  5. Affordable Cost of Living

Causacasians and Asians use charity and foreign aid as vices of looting resources, stealing land and enslaving Afropolitans in their own land. Slavery never ended it simply transformed into contracts. Colonialism never ended it simply transformed into a neocolonialist initiative thats progressed using the brainwashing effects of television to promote the degradation of Afropolitan self image and white supremacy, Foreign aid mascarades independence and hinders innovation. If innovation starts taking place neocolonialists will bribe the broken system of government to revert changes, they dislike Afropolitan success. Afropolitans must remain obedient to their neocolonialist masters and they will do anything to make that happen and it just do happens that money is s powerful medium that would make a person turn against their own family, friends and government.


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.

Is escapism the answer? DRAFT...

By Prince Namwali, 2021-05-01