Sapien Isolation

In this blog post i simply document the events that happened since the inception of Covid-19. This post is simply a collection of information form various data points. It can be used by the reader or writer to write or expand upon these topics. The list will keep expanding and i’ll update every once in a while. You can use this to your advantage to write a well polished book,blog post or essay. I am simply documenting the events. The list is as follows:

  1. Homelessness
  2. Massive Lay Offs
  3. Businesses Gone Bankrupt
  4. Foreigners, mostly black people being evicted from China
  5. Xenophobia towards asians
  6. Events gone virtual
  7. 2020 Olympics Canceled
  8. Cardboard beds that can turn into coffins
  9. Massive spread of misinformation (conspiracy theories, fake remedies)
  10. Disbelief (If i dont see it, its not happening)
  11. Dishonesty (Clueless uninformed healthcare workers taking care of positive patients without PPE)
  12. Testing scandal (Rich and famous first, you turn can wait, unless you have lots of money)
  13. Bitcoin halving
  14. Delays (events, games, movies, digital products, shipping)
  15. Overworked and underpaid
  16. Cancellation (events, flights)
  17. Inflation (high demand, low supply. simple economics)
  18. Reselling ban (only trusted certified companies/sellers)
  19. Social distancing (technically physical distancing) -Reactivation (early celebration is lethal)
  20. Stimulus check scams
  21. Website heist (too much traffic = crash for websites with low scalability)
  22. Employment scams (gmail accounts, telegram interview)
  23. Contact tracing; Justified mass surveillance or privacy invasion
  24. Employers spying on their employesss (work from home)
  25. Virtual weddings
  26. Essential services only (barbershop? WWE?)
  27. Free stuff (digital goodies, extended free trials, discounts, great deal coupons)
  28. World record set (China built hospital in 10 days)
  29. Quarantine Olympics
  30. Tik Tok Ban (not all countries)
  31. Lots of people change careers (work from home)
  32. High levels of self education (self taught, online courses, udemy)
  33. Easy money for women? (Only fans, Web cam model girls…)
  34. Zoom acquires keybase… (most used video chat service)
  35. Black lives matter goes global ( The death of George Floyd sparked a revolution that was never had much effect in previous years)
  36. BLM Protests (Looting, Weapons used on protesters…)
  37. virtual graduation (zoom, games, minecraft, robots)
  38. Sports without fans (at first, then low capacity)
  39. Explosive hand sanitizer (alcohol perecentage, car heat)
  40. Death of the handshake, hugs and greeting kiss
  41. Unemployment benefits end for some (it wont save you in the first place)
  42. Mars 2020 Race
  43. Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon (August 4, 2020)
  44. Fines and jail time for law breakers (just wear the mask, whats so hard?)
  45. Hurricane Hanna. *Too many hurricanes we might start using the Greek alphabet.
  46. Use of violence in some countries to warn ignorant people (India)
  47. Hoarding (Toilet paper?really?) -High divorce rates
  48. Malaysia fines for uploading videos to Youtube & Tik Tok (other countries too)
  49. Companies capitalizing on Black Lives Matter
  50. Cloud services going down (gmail, googlel drive, G-suite users affected)
  51. Australia forces google and facebook to pay for news content
  52. Vaccine negotiations (Well, not exactly a thing, but a worthy prediction. If you dont have the funds for the vaccines, your land will suffice)
  53. No time for proper burials/ ceremony (cremation - burn to ashes)
  54. Massive twitter hack (internal) 55.Cryptocurrency scams
  55. Unknown number of deaths related to Covid
  56. Hottest year 130 degrees fahrenheit
  57. Government shuts down internet in some countries (insanity?) (How the hell is that possible? giant EMP?) (15+ Countries) -Russians hacking into potential covid 19 cure researches
  58. An end to ongoing wars (temporary or permanent?) (fight a common enemy before we go back to killing each other)
  59. Expensive plane tickets
  60. High numbers of suicide (unaddressed brain health)
  61. Birth of the killer GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080
  62. More people using motels over hotels
  63. Transparent Corruption (Global riots & protests)
  64. High Ethereum Gas Fees
  65. Pirating Sites Shutdown (Horrible Subs, Kissanime)
  66. Drugs dealers arrested (easier to monitor than ever before)
  67. California Wildfires + Australia Bushfires (4 million acres burned)
  68. May 22 Plane Crash in Pakistan (97 killed)
  69. Shadowgate Documentary, The Social Dilemna
  70. Trolls and conspirancy theorists are actually paid to spread rumours
  71. Antitrust investigation - Google, Facebook, Amazon & Apple (Monopolies that abuse their power)
  72. Massive Crowdfunding scams (fake causes, stolen credit cards)
  73. SARS Protest (Nigeria)
  74. Extreme Neocolonialism (Workers beat to death, mistreatment, poor compensation - Countries in the continent of Africa)
  75. Cancel Culture (Sam Okyere almost got deported, Elen Degenerate…)
  76. Censorship (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram….
  77. Coin shortage
  78. End support for Python 2
  79. Face mask fashion (neck gaiters…)
  80. Filecoin mainnet goes live
  81. Bitcoin spike ($20,000+ = 1 BTC)
  82. Antitrust Investigation (Monopoly of tech giants - FAANG)
  83. Tech wars (Apple vs Epic
  84. Drone Strike (Qasem Soleimani) (US vs Iran) (WWIII?)
  85. Brexit
  86. RIP Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman…
  87. World Leaders virtual meeting
  88. Ethereum 2.0 goes live (December 2020)
  89. Drive thru strip clubs
  90. Covid 19 Vaccine Scams
  91. People photoshopping Covid test results to bypass travel restrictions
  92. Smart masks. Japan (language translation mask), Singapore (Covid symptom detector mask), RGB/Led Masks, Razer (transparent), Voice amplifying masks….
  93. 4.3 million americans quit jobs (August 2021) - the great resignation (Why should a company complain about losing employees when their payrate remains the same? Dont they realize the inflated prices in services and products? )


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.


By Prince Namwali, 2021-11-11