Sayonara 2020 💔

Covid-19, a virus whose name shall never be forgotten. A virus that forced humans beings to connect and change. A virus synonymous with the words: change, catastrophe,fear, doubt, failure, shutdown, blame, cancellation and so much more. Many things can be said about the year 2020, and I truly believe everyone has a story to tell, no matter what human distinction is placed upon us. I wasnt spared from the effects of the pandemic, not even by a long shot,and this is my story… For the first time in my life, i experienced what its like to have your plans not work out, as if that has never happened before. Maybe it was different this time or maybe it was the same as an infant learning to walk, but constantly being greeted by the gravitational pull of failure. Isolated from the metaphysical world, i was left alone with my thoughts and technological devices, mainly my laptop. I made excuses once, but this time around, I didn’t have the leisure of doing so. A time of reflection and curiosity came into the bigger picture. What do i want to do with my life? If Covid-19 is the worst thing that could ever happen,what must i do that will propel me forward from this present reality and prepare me for the future? Having attained a credential from a higher learning institution the previous year, I was reminded yet again just how useless that piece of paper can be. I was forced to learn through the lens of reality, not a fantasy classroom dictated by grades. I knew that i could sit and complain all day about college and eventually find ample information online to support my claims, but complaining doesnt achieve anything. I needed something better, so what did i do exactly? I explored the things i was curious about even further, while switching jobs frequently because Covid. Throughout the process i kept a journal of my experiences and lessons that i learned along the way. One day, euphoria dawned upon me when i realized that by journaling and asking myself questions, something cool happened, a feeling and desire that I once had, had been reawakened. What do you mean? Not long ago, i enrolled in a course that got me into tha habit of asking questions in the first place. A course on Udemy, this one, entitled REBT - The Science of Programming Your Mind! by Professor Paul J Cline. I thought to myself, rather I brainstormed, and found out that its almost impossible to change oneself, if you dont exactly question your mind. Here i was practically using REBT, not just to change my behavior, but my life. Writing was the medium that allowed me to connect the dots. Covid-19 is tragic, but for some reason i am thankful for the harsh reality it allowed me experience. I am thankful for the ample lessons it bestowed and for helping me learn more about myself.


  1. When a person is unable to change a situation, they are force to change themselves (Viktor E Frankl).
  2. Health is the greatest wealth(Virgil).
  3. Financial freedom is better than financial security(Paraphrased - Robert Kiyosaki).
  4. The world doesnt need us, but we need the world and everything in it (Paraphrased -David W.Orr).
  5. We cant appreaciate new things in our lives, if we dont appreaciate what we already have (Gratitude).
  6. Other.

What I Learned in 2020

Other Things I Did In 2020

Content I Consumed

  1. The Social Dilemna (Documentary)
  2. College is Dead
  3. Capitalism; A Love Story (Documentary)
  4. Minimalism; A Documentary About The Important Things
  5. The Story We Tell About Money
  6. Dreams Dont Come True, Decisions Do
  7. Watch This Before You …
  8. BL
  9. Deconstructed Racism
  10. I Sued The School System
  11. Why I Hate School, But Love Education
  12. Why The Rich Are Getting Richer
  13. Complainers
  14. Polyglot Dad,Tetsu Yung
  15. Memory Rescue
  16. Learn Anything Faster
  17. Steal Like An Artst
  18. Conscious Coral
  19. Our Fractal Brain
  20. Power of a Mindmap
  21. Satoshi Nakamoto vs Alexander Hamilton
  22. What School didnt teach you
  23. City Commute
  24. Makudonarudo
  25. Women Play Hockey?
  26. 4 Producers Flip the Same Sample
  27. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus
  28. To hell with the hustle
  29. Generative Art Speedrun
  30. Generative Modelling with Blender
  31. The Intruders; Low Poly Animation
  32. F*ck That: An Honest Meditation
  33. Scapegoat
  34. Beatbox Brilliance
  35. Reparations & White Privilege
  36. Passive Crypto Income
  37. Reverse Racism
  38. Osama Bin Laden
  39. Relaxing Guitar Background Music
  40. Someday You’ll Lose Everything
  41. Is She Into You?
  42. Levels of Wealth
  43. Coffee Run
  44. Spring
  45. Caminandes
  46. How we take back the internet
  47. JRE Snowden #1368
  48. How to travel the world with almost no money
  49. More than funny
  50. Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address
  51. Start with Why
  52. Why we do what we do
  53. Do Schools Kill Creativity
  54. Think Your Emails Private? Think Again
  55. Trave More & Buy Less
  56. Facial Motion Capture with Blender 2.8
  57. Most Famous Black Man in Korea
  58. Escape from North Korea
  59. This Man Helped 6000 North Korean Defectors
  60. How China is changing the future of shopping
  61. Learn to Travel and Travel to Learn
  62. The Secerets of Learning a New Language
  63. Teen Speaks Over 20 Languages
  64. Breaking The Language Barrier
  65. Confessions of a Black Former K-Pop Trainee
  66. The Coming Golden Age of Polyglots
  67. Can You Speak Jamaican?
  68. Akon; Al Jazeera
  69. Africa is Better than America; Akon
  70. Dave Chappelle meets OJ Simpson
  71. Walk Away From Money; Dave Chappelle
  72. How to Escape Educations death valley
  73. Build a School in the Cloud
  74. Why Do we Sleep?
  75. Sleep is Your Superpower
  76. The Art of Letting Go
  77. A Rich Life with Less Stuff
  78. The Shocking Reason Black People Are Moving to Asia
  79. Can Comments Be Used in JSON?
  80. How Can I get a source directory of a bash script from within the script itself?
  81. How Do I Clone a specific Git branch
  82. How to concatenate string variables in Bash
  83. Difference between sh and bash
  84. Scripting Language vs Programming Language
  85. Options for HTML Scraping
  86. Format a Go string without printing?
  87. Custom Domain for Github pages
  88. How to apply color in markdown
  89. How to write multiline strings in Go
  90. How to efficiently concatenate string in Go
  91. Whats the preferred Bash shebang
  92. Make a Bash alias that takes a parameter
  93. Tesla Hacker; The Rogue Mechanic Taking on Tesla
  94. Why I’m a Better Developer than You
  95. Introducing VSCode Stories
  96. I Sold VSCode Stories
  97. VSCode Tinder
  98. How to Open Source Like a Pro
  99. Why I Dont Work for FAANG
  100. Coding Interviews Are Broken
  101. Stormzy - Rainfall Behind the Scenes
  102. Stormzy - Rainfall
  103. Best Comment in Source Code
  104. Define Global Variable in Coffeescript
  105. Prevent Site Scraping
  106. Representing Directoy and File Structure in Markdown
  107. Use CoffeeScript instead of JS for node.js
  108. R Markdown vs R Notebook
  109. Difference Between BeautifulSoup and Scrapy
  110. Colored Text in Github Flavored Markdown
  111. Relationship between R Markdown, Knitr, Pandoc and Bookdown
  112. Importing Go files in the same folder
  113. Favicon directory Hugo
  114. IPFS Data Storage
  115. Toggle Title Bar in AwesomeWM
  116. CSS in Markdown
  117. Best Scripting Language
  118. Change VSCode Title Bar Color
  119. IPFS vs Hyperdrive
  120. FN Key AwesomeWM
  121. Load Textures From Spritesheet Godot
  122. Soundcloud Files to JPlayer
  123. Godot Items to Follow Mouse
  124. Game Speedup without breaking physics
  125. Scripting LMMS from Python
  126. Why is Pygame slower than other 2D Game engines?
  127. Characters not displaying IE, FF, chrome
  128. Android Scripting
  129. If Dababy was a gospel rapper


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Q&A + Prince Kaizen Namwali

  1. Is it morally correct to be express gratitude to the worst abomination that humanity experienced?
  2. Covid-19 is by no means a topic to be taken lightly, that much i understand, but its also something that dare we analyze has progressed things rather rapidly. The progress that Covid-19 has initiated isnt just limited to its lessons, but to rather every imaginable sphere of human life. I for one am thankful that many people started to take their personal hygiene seriously and just wanted to point out that i will keep wearing a mask, even after its over because some humans beings…

  3. Why is your tone on academia highly cynical?

  4. Its cynical because academia, more specifically college does more harm than it does good. The best way that i like to collect my thoughts and respetfully disagree on this subject is by using the analogy of religion. College is seen and saught after as this the only way to attain salvation, nirvana or something equivalent in other religions. Life without it is meaningless and its that mantra that i truly despise… The source of my cynicism comes not just from that, but by the examples of people with doctorates, that are still struggling til this day, where is the merit in that?

  5. What the point of listing all these videos you watched?

  6. Its more of an entry for my Second Brain, than it is for other people. Its personal!

  7. Does collecting information increase your intelligence?

  8. No, that would be absurd. If the Brain was that powerful of an organ, perhaps suffering itself wouldnt exist. Collecting information alone does not guarantee an increase in intelligence, but sadly thats what school is. The Brain coach, Jim Kwik usually says that, “knowledge is not power, its potential power. It only becomes power when we apply and use it.” My extension to this is “if you read a book and dont apply it, you are no different that someone who is illiterate. If you watch a video and dont apply it, you are no different than someone who is blind. If you listen to a podcast and dont apply it, you are no different that someone who is deaf. You cant consume your way to a better life, you have to create it.”

  9. Why did you distrohop again?

  10. I was hoping to find answers to inflammatory questions that had been burning internally, but sadly Manjaro did not provide those answers. I did learn a great deal about window managers and the penultimate linux distriution, Arch Linux.

  11. Do you see yourself installing Arch linux or sticking with Manjaro?

  12. I will eventually try this Arch linux thing out, maybe next year even. If i dont like it, i’ll just be a Manjaro fanboy because comfort is better than trying new things, i guess.

  13. What do you think is the best lesson that came from the global pandemic of 2020?

  14. For the first in my life, i finally got to see the essence of financial health. When it comes to finally health freedom is better than security, yet this time i saw people displaced because they were financally secure. In the words of Warren Buffet, “if your job is your only source of income, you are one step away from poverty.” If you are a billionaire, millionaire or six figure mogul the pandemic didnt affect you too much, but the middle class was just miserable. Things were so bad even airlines and healthcare workers were being laid off. What can you expect when you are living in a Plutonomy living paycheck to paycheck. One thing that did grant me the taste of what financial freedom is like was the stimulus checks. Passive income like that for rich people is tenfold become money and people work in their stead.

  15. How did you spend most of your time during the pandemic?

  16. I spent the time reading and journaling, but mostly reading. I learned more about Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain than i did years ago when i purchased a Bitcoin cloud mining contract. Bitcoin seemed out of reach, but Ethereum had my full attention. I was fascinated by all the decentralized applications that were built on Ethereum and this thing called the IPFS. I learned by simply playing around and i even got to learn that you can earn Ethereum through contract/ freelance employment through apps like Gitcoin, you can earn it through games like Cryptokitties, Decentraland, you can your preexisiting digital assets or create some - the correct term is non fungible tokens. I spent time learning this because i believe its the future and early adopters have the advantage of seeing the transformation and changes that occur. I spent time migrating my centralized identity into a decentralized identity. Having full control of my data as opposed to leaving it in the hands of surveillance capitalists.

  17. What is one the setbacks you faced during the year 2020?

  18. I fell victim to an employment scam and had one of my bank accounts closed. It made me realize two crucial things: privacy is essential and that you dont own your bank accounts. This is the time that i seriously got into cryptocurrency because its not regulated by some central government, you actually own it. I also decided to get serious about privacy by doing eveything i could to secure my digital identity. From using multifactor authentication, changing emails, removing phone numbers from any and all sites and so on. Learning by mistakes is not my forte, but when it happens it happens and one must simply move on.

  19. What do you like about SoundTrap?

  20. My initial thought of the platform was full of high praises, but eventually it let me down. Soundtrap is another example of a tech company being acquired by another large tech company only to be killed off or made worse. I dont know what Soundtrap was like before Spotify had acquired it, but i can safely assume that it was full of grandiose. I have 2 problems with Soundtrap and i dont believe they will be getting fixed anytime soon. The first being that the servers are too slow. I understand if the servers are fatigued or challenged by multiple users working on the same project in real time, but not when its just one person, the user. The servers take so long to render, save, sync and mix tracks. Maybe its a problem with the over realiance of Javascript for everything approach. Cross platform on mobile works fantastic, but for desktop they resorted to the browser experience with WebGL dependence. What is so hard about making a native GUI desktop application? Who knows. My second problem with Soundtrap is the awesome and unbearable behavior of clipping. No matter how many precious hours and life energy a person puts into a musical project, Soundtrap will muster up the confidence to make the project sound bad. No matter what pricing plan you are on, clipping is sure to follow. No wonder why someone i know decided that Soundtrap is great for concocting musical projects in a timely manner, but expecting it to render the final composition is a recipe for disaster. Why this person had to resort to mixing and mastering in FL Studio 20 makes no sense to me. He might as well migrate his entire workflow to one digital audio workstation as opposed to switching between two. A native digital audio workstation has the added advantage of virtual studio technology, while Soundtrap is limited to the sounds of anguish. They even removed the profile features, so no more browsing through other peoples projects unless invited. I dont like anything about it. Whats even surprising is how easy it it to bypass the subscription paywall using the Soundtrap Academy. One could repeat the process of simply passsing the final test and redeeming the 3 months trial with all features unlocked including exporting, but who cares when clipping is your arch nemesis to begin with…

  21. What is the most interesting thing you learned in 2020?

  22. I learned about this highly addictive file format and note taking system known as Markdown. Ever since i learned it, have been hooked ever since. I write markdown everywhere and i prefer using it everywhere. Reddit has it, Discord has it, Github uses it, I can write it on my phone, i can use VSCodium, this websites is written in markwdown and simply converted to HTML, eBooks can be written using markdown and pandoc. I dare call myself a markdown supremacist due to its quasi hyperfocus inducing nature.

  23. Why do you read Manga & Manhwa?

  24. To escape reality would be the simple answer, but it goes deeper. Reading Manga enabled me to overcome and completely tranform my anime addiction. The biggest mistake i made was reading the work of Boichi which made me lose all interest in Manga altogether. I couldnt find any works that were similar in nature to the hyperrealistic art styles and suspenseful stories depicted in his work. Thats when i swtiched to reading Manhwa due to its vibrant colors and quite frankly, better artstyle. Manhwa explores epic fantasy genres that are present in any western works due to the duopoly of marvel and DC. Isekai is more prevalent in Manhwa than it is Manga and Manhua.

  25. Do you read Manhua?

  26. No, i despise Manhua because its all the same. Trying to find a Manhua that has nothing to do with the nonsensical rocket science of cultivation is like trying to find a decent comic that has nothing to do with superheros and superpowers through the publishers DC and Marvel.

  27. What is your favorite tracker for managing your comic database?

  28. AniList would have to be my number one because its always up to date and has a larger collection that Kitsu and MyAnimeList combined. I do use all three, but i also keep a spreadsheet just in case something were to happen like some database breach (hack), get banned (centralized) or something.

  29. What are you favorite sources for reading comics?

  30. I have been reading comics for a while to know that switching is inevitable because digital copyright laws, though nonexistent eventually bring down these scanlation/leeching communities. I never used Kissmanga because the ads are just unbearable even with an adlocker. Mangarock was my go to before they ceased to exist. Right now Mangadex, IsekaiScan , Hiperdex an Mangasee are my go to sources.

  31. What sources did you use when you were an anime addict?

  32. I have witnessed Rawranime, Mangafrost, Masterani, Kissanime and Horrible Subs fade from existence. The one source that has stuck around and just so happens to have multiple proxies and domains is 9Anime.

  33. How did you learn about Search Engine Optimiation?

  34. I learned it through experimentation as opposed to using a course. I simply learned that the main thing is to have a unique name, username, brand or alias. An example would be trying to compete with the words “Anno Domini” by using the words “Anno Denomini.” You can make it work, but it will take time whereas creating something like “acrimula bonongwe” will display no results (Google), until you create just one piece of information on it and constantly update that. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to actually display results.

  35. Have you ever used Deepin OS?

  36. I have used that, but its a perfomance hoarder. Transparent beauty at the cost of perfomance is counterintuitive. Its certainly better than PearOS, iBuntu and Ubuntu Budgie

  37. Are Portmanteau languages a thing?

  38. I couldnt find any words to describe language fusions like Japanglish which a combo of Japanese and English. Singlish … If that were the case and assuming thats what they are called then its possible to create more languages, but without the need for english. Japahili (Japanese + Swahili)

  39. Why do some people use Stack Overflow?

  40. Because they are too lazy to read the official documentation or search through it using Ctrl + F


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.

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By Prince Namwali, 2020-12-31