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  1. Mater Artium Necessitas ๐Ÿš€
  2. Neocolonial Nyasaland
  3. Thokozani; A Story About Gratitude
  4. Bye Bye Plutonomy, Welcome Freedom!
  5. Extended Definition ๐Ÿ“š
  6. Afropolitan Excellence
  7. Q&A ( อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธโ€ฏอœส– อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธ)
  8. The Death of Academia
  9. New Year; Second Brain ๐Ÿง 
  10. Sayonara 2020 ๐Ÿ’”
  11. Using Vim as a Second Brai
  12. Unlimited Creativity; How to compose procedurally generated music
  13. Deciphering comedy using Neuro Linguistic Programming
  14. Why Reading Manga & Manhwa can enhance your writing
  15. Isekai and Maladaptive Daydreaming
  16. The Power of Mind Mapping; Summarizing books without reading
  17. Digital Minimalism with T-UI Launcher
  18. Reticular Activating System (coming soon)
  19. The Duopoly of the Comical West; Marvel & DC (coming soon)
  20. Government; The Monopoly of Life (coming soon)
  21. Human Languages and the Modern Day Polyglot (coming soon)
  22. Technological Overkill; Using Blender to Animate SVG’s (coming soon)
  23. Symbiotic Nature of Humans and Machines (coming soon)
  24. Practical Gamification for non game developers (coming soon)
  25. Zettlekasten vs The Second Brain (coming soon)
  26. Unlocking Gratitude with a Second Brain (coming soon)
  27. Transient Hypofrontality Addiction (coming soon)
  28. Choir; The Gateway to Annunication and Accent Transformation (coming soon)
  29. Manhua; A Medium of Indoctrination (coming soon)
  30. Uncanny Transformation; Intriguing Career Shifts (coming soon)
  31. Modular Synthesis; The Ultimate Form of Procedurally Generated Music (coming soon)
  32. The Eagle From Dagestan and the Last Stylebender (coming soon)
  33. The Dichotomy of Conspiracy Theories and Revisionist History (coming soon)
  34. Using a Game Engine to Make Music Videos (coming soon)
  35. The Art of Linux Ricing (coming soon)
  36. Simple Solution to Piracy; Custom File Formats and Blockchain? (coming soon)
  37. Brain Challenge; 1337 3x73nd3d (coming soon)
  38. Digital Homelessnes; The Plague of Netizens (coming soon)
  39. Solo Leveling Manhwa and the Irony of Individualism (coming soon)
  40. Emotion Freedom Technique, A Profound Exploration (coming soon)
  41. Magical Thinking; The Strongest Cognitive Distortion (coming soon)
  42. Thought Field Therapy & Visualization (coming soon)
  43. NY Timesquare; What the Internet Looks Like Without an Adblocker (coming soon)
  44. Television; The Source of Digital Neocolonialism (coming soon)
  45. Zamunda, Wakanda & Pan Africanism (coming soon)
  46. Multiple Personality; A Path to Musical Dominion (coming soon)
  47. Capitalist Mindset & The Mathematical Laborer (coming soon)
  48. Censored Activism; The Loud Silence of Sam Okyere (coming soon)
  49. Bypassing Greed in the Cybersphere (coming soon)
  50. Ragequit Rants (coming soon)
  51. Surveillance Capitalism; The Invisible Monopoly (coming soon)
  52. 2x Video Speed & Speed Reading; Time Saving Techniques (coming soon)
  53. Brain Health & Personal Growth Book Library (coming soon)
  54. Biohacking Config Files (coming soon)
  55. Ethereal Sleep; Rain Sounds with Gregorian Chants (coming soon)
  56. Privacy Hardening Extended Edition (coming soon)
  57. Beyond Fractals; Creating Procedurally Generated Art (coming soon)
  58. The Delusional Optimist and The Legalized Bank Robbery (coming soon)
  59. The University of Modern Day Indoctrination (coming soon)
  60. Search Engine Optimization and The Asymptomatic Influencer (coming soon)
  61. Slavery 2.0; Overworked and Underpaid (coming soon)
  62. Slavery 3.0 ; Wage Theft (coming soon)
  63. Art Therapy; Doodles and Sketches (coming soon)
  64. Ask the People of 2020
  65. Super Psyche
  66. Polyglot Namegen
  67. Wild Game Ideas
  68. TUI Savage
  69. Tachiyomi Gold
  70. Chichewa Slang/Urban Dictionary
  71. Malawi eCommerce Site
  72. Clothe Thyself
  73. Eye CTV
  74. Sum Sum TV
  75. EEG Communication
  76. Onesto Meditate
  77. Anno Denomini
  78. Airtime Gen
  79. Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata
  80. Late Bloomers
  81. Forward Tilt
  82. Crash Your Career
  83. Madando; A story of Adversity
  84. Njala Nchilombo: Mouth Watering Recipes from the warm heart of Africa, Malawi
  85. Akatswiri Workshop
  86. The Job Hopper & Corporate Ladder
  87. Distrotribalism and the art of Distrohopping
  88. Theng’eneng’ene Particles
  89. Lichelo Express
  90. Decentralized Identity
  91. Epic Rap Battle of Mystery
  92. Mfumu wa Ndakatulo; Robert Chiwamba
  93. Emperor Habibi & The Chapati Kingdom
  94. Anatomy; Thupi la Munthu
  95. Neocities & eResidency
  96. Miracle Value Proposition
  97. Literary Devices in Hip Hop
  98. Permissionless Mindset
  99. Polyglot Simulator
  100. Retirement Exoplanet
  101. Obsidian Exile
  102. To Whom Shall I Blame?
  103. Turning Trash into Art


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.

Life is difficult and that is a fact. Change happens one day at a time and that's that. Life is difficult and that is a fact. We think and then we feel, that's that. Life is difficult and that is a fact. Practice makes progress and there is no substitute for that. Life is difficult and that is a fact. Learning should be fun, thank TDCS,Gaming and Neuroscience for that. Life is difficult and that is a fact. Ask and learn, if you don't know, eat healthy or it will show. Life is difficult and that is a fact. You can do anything and your Brain knows that. Life is difficult and that is a fact. Keep learning and your Brain will remain intact

By Prince Namwali, 2021-05-22