Art Therapy

In this post i talk about art therapy in the context of sketching and doodling. The guiding questions for this post include: What is art therapy? Does art therapy have different forms? Doodling or sketching, which is better?

Overworked and Underpaid

In this post i talk about a topic that just about everyone knows about. The guiding questions include: Why are people overworked and underpaid? Is the USA the most overworked and underpaid nation? When is overworking a concern? What are extreme examples of overworking? (Karoshi)

Search Engine Optimization

In this post i talk about something that i discovered while learning about search engine optimization. SEO is so easy its almost cheating when you figure out how search engines work. When a search engine returns irrelevant results or even better, a blank page - its the most magical moment. The guiding questions for this post include: What is SEO? How do search engines work? Why does language matter? Why dont more people combine words from different languages?

The University of Modern Day Indoctrination

In this post i talk about university/college. I try to present this concept of higher education to someone who is not of planet earth. The guiding questions include. What is indoctrination? What is university/college? s

Wage Theft

In this post i talk about a topic that gets buried under the rugs, wage theft. When an employee steals money from their employer its called embezzlement. When an employer steals money from their employee its called wage theft. The guiding questions for this post include: Why does no one talk about wage theft? How can a person report wage theft? What are some popular cases on wage theft?

Digital Minimalism with T-UI Launcher

In this blog post i am going to talk about one of my favorite android launchers, T-UI launcher. Its the fastest and smallest launcher on android, but not many people may not about it. The guiding questions for this post include: What makes T-UI launcher special? Who is T-UI launcher for? What are some things you can do with T-UI launcher? How much battery do you save when using T-UI launcher?

Extraordinary power of mind mapping

In this blog post i talk about the most shocking revelation i encountered as i was learning and using mindmaps. Its possible to summarize a book with a mind map without having to read it and better yet, just by glancing at the table of contents. The guiding questions for this post shall be as follows: What is a mindmap? What are the different types of mind maps? Which mindmap style is the most useful?

Isekai & Maladaptive Daydreaming

In this blog post i try to draw the correlation between 2 unrelated terms whose characteristic are much more similar than they are apart. The guiding questions for this post include: What is Isekai? What is Maladaptive Daydreaming? What are the differences between Isekai and Maladaptive daydreaming? What are the similarities between Isekai and Maladaptive daydreaming? How can Isekai influence Maladaptive Daydreaming?

Composing Procedurally Generated Music

In this blog post i talk about how anyone can create music. You dont need any music theory, proprietary software or fancy hardware. The only requirement is your sense of hearing. The questions that will guide me through the thought process include? What is procedural generation? (general term) What is procedurally generated music? What tools can i use? Is procgen cheating? Why is procgen peak efficiency as opposed to laziness?

Gelotology and NLP

In this blog post i talk about the correlation between stand up comedy and neuro linguistic programming(NLP). The guiding questiong include: What is gelotology? What is Neuro Linguistic Programming? What does comedy have to do with NLP? What are some examples of NLP is comedy? Why is Bill Burr a perfect example of NLP in action? Where does self deprecating humor fall into this?

How Manhwa & Manga Can Enhance Your Writing

In this blog post i talk about how Manga and Manhwa can enhance your writing. This post assumes you are already familiar with those terms,but just a quick recap - Japanese comics are called Manga, Korean comics are called Manhwa and Chinese comics are Manhua. The guiding questions for this post include? How exactly does reading these particular comics help with writing? We think in pictures, but we speak in words, what does that have to do with anything?

Sapien Isolation

In this blog post i simply document the events that happened since the inception of Covid-19. This post is simply a collection of information form various data points. It can be used by the reader or writer to write or expand upon these topics. The list will keep expanding and i’ll update every once in a while. You can use this to your advantage to write a well polished book,blog post or essay.

Using Vim as Second Brain

In this blog post i am going to challenge myself and try to see, if its possible to use vim as a Second Brain. The questions that will guide me through the process are as follows: How can you preview markdown files in Vim? How do you link your notes in Vim? What plugins are useful? How many plugins do you need? Which vim distribution has all the features you are looking for out the box?


The foolishness of youth and the impending pulse of sexual immorality. There i was having finally unveiled the puzzles pieces of this marvelous goddess on the Jigsaw dating app. Tina was her name and she was approximately 542 miles away. However, the zip code 77546 proved that she was much closer than i thought. Apparently, she was around this part for the weekend. A 22 year old, tattoo infested, blonde Caucasian.

Mater Artium Necessitas ๐Ÿš€

Mater artium necessitas is a quote by Plato that was translated by a theologian by the name Benjamin Jowett, which means necessity is the mother of invention Throughout my encounter with this english proverb I have found that almost all instances of it have one thing in common. I would humbly extend the quote by saying necessity is the mother of invention, but it all starts with a question .

Neocolonial Nyasaland

This is a Draft Poverty by Choice, a book by Donald Reuben Kamdonyo… Madando Malawi sadzatheka Ambuye sanatisiye? Tiyambira pati? Khani ndi ndalama Ndikamaliza sukulu ndidzapanga chiyani? Anthu obwela akusokoneza zinthu Ufiti ndi kukhwima Kujoni kapena maiko ena? Magetsi akungo zima zima Ma units andithera Ndalama nchilombo Mitengo ilibe ntchito Kwacha inafooka Kodi chizungu chimativutabe? Adokodatala sakundifunira zabwino! Timangouzana sitimalemba Katangale ndi boma Umphawi sungandiletse kukhala ndi ana Ngati sitisamala tikhala ngati abale athu aku Zambia…

Thokozani; A Story about Gratitude

This is a draft God Family Internet Great Teachers Travel God Family Internet Satoshi Nakamoto - YouTube - real people, not actors Udemy - High quality courses Great Teachers TK Coleman - Dreams dont come true, decision do. It takes value creation to make money… Robert Kiyosaki - Financial education… Gods money, peoples money and governments money Jim Kwik - Knowledge is not power, its potential power.

Bye Bye Plutonomy, Welcome Freedom!

This is a draft Intro Darkness is the absence of light and to some literal degree, the abundance of melanin. The topic that’s going to be tackled in this essay is one regarding, Afropolitans, citizens of Africa. The essay will draw upon a documentary that piqued my interest on YouTube entitled, The shocking reason why black people are moving to Asia. No matter where we are geographically, we are still deeply rooted as a bigger picture of the African Diaspora.

Extended Definition ๐Ÿ“š

The motto for Urban Dictionary is “Define Your World”, but thats probably offensive to Etymologists. Language is a living and breathing thing, its only natural that words change meaning over time, evolve or eventullay die out in usage. I find myself fascinated by words, not at the level of an etymologist or a sapiosexual, but at the polyglot level. I claim to have a deeper understanding of some words which i have interpreted using some twisted logic and this is a list of those words.

Afropolitan Excellence

This is a draft Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds – Bob Marley. Afropolitan excellence is an essay that aims to shed light in the darkness, give hope to the hopeless and promote the beauty of Afropolitanism. Living Legends Anime studio in Japan K-Beauty Product (South Korea) Stormzy Sam Okyere. Israel Adesanya Angee Floyd - Comedian in Vietnam MMA Artist in JP from Ghana Jason Gatewood (Journalist) - JP Han Hyunmin - Model Western Hip hop to Billionaire (Jay Z) Basketball to Entrepreneur (Michael Jordan) Prince EA Rudy Francisco TK Coleman Historical Nelson Mandela Martin Luther King Jr Bob Marley Malcolm X

Q&A ( อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธโ€ฏอœส– อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธ)

Content is updating…. Who is Prince Kaizen Namwali? A Neovim scribe with a Second Brain aspiring to be a Game Developer who happens to use Arch Linux. Whats the best way to contact PKN? His mode of communication comprises of eMail and Discord What is PKN’s go to tagline on the internet? Afropolitan Lifelong Learner, Digital Nomad & Game Developer ๐Ÿง  Q&A + Prince Kaizen Namwali Github Audius Stackoverflow Discord Dribbble LMMS BitDegree Creary Game Jolt Itch Kitsu AniList 3Box Spring Role Satellite Publish0x Peepeth LBRY Soundcloud Medium Reddit Twitter Disqus Dev Artstation Gumroad My Anime List Firefox Addones Angel List Steemit Instagram Unsplash Pinterest Behance Steam Khan Academy Duolingo Google Local Guides Academia Exercism Coding Game Devrant Doodle Addicts Quora Pixiv Sketchfab Codecademy Coursera Fandom Future Learn PPH Gab Bandcamp Trello Somee

The Death of Academia

College is not the only way… I had an epiphany when i came to the realization that college opt outs and drop outs have something in common…. Self Taught Apprenticeship (mentor, real teachers, bootcamp…) Internship (on the job training)

New Year: Second Brain ๐Ÿง 

Everyone starts out the new year year with high hopes and expectations. They outline their so called resolutions which are a compass that will enable them to navigate through the year and make the most of it, but only a few succeed or completely abandon their routine. 2021 could have been just another year for me, but something was different or rather I had acquired something that would allow me to change.

Sayonara 2020 ๐Ÿ’”

Covid-19, a virus whose name shall never be forgotten. A virus that forced humans beings to connect and change. A virus synonymous with the words: change, catastrophe,fear, doubt, failure, shutdown, blame, cancellation and so much more. Many things can be said about the year 2020, and I truly believe everyone has a story to tell, no matter what human distinction is placed upon us. I wasnt spared from the effects of the pandemic, not even by a long shot,and this is my story… For the first time in my life, i experienced what its like to have your plans not work out, as if that has never happened before.


Pa ground sipalibwino, koma omwa tea adzamwanso.